terça-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2010

Testes aleatórios

Time to quiiz xD

vou por aqui uns quizzes do quizilla e o resultado... meu novo vicio de férias? não, quem sabe... talvez... só talvez xD

When you will fall in love

começamos bem xD Também quero saber... E vc, mywonderland, ficara de prova xD

"So, in the end, you feel that love is-

Não tem a opção "tenho medo de amar, não quero amr, help me i.i' "


You are mature and know you have to be patient with love, and by now you've waited your turn, and you will fall in love very soon!

Noooooooooooooooooooooooo >.<>


Próximo teste :


Deu nos 30' / 40's xP

The best thing about me:

Your Personality.

Your sweet and kind, never rude or mean to anyone. When your in a bad mood, you tend to bottle it up inside, so you don't get mad at anyone. But sometimes let it out, tell a friend. This is the best part about you, and the best feature of all, because it won't fade. Beauty is fleeting.

Nhaa, essa ai de cima sou eu *-*

http://quizilla.teennick.com/quizzes/result/15717598/7328115/result image

Your love is lush and your heart lively. You may be hyper, you may be a nice person. You are surrounded by those who make your life easier.

Esse foi "what's the state of your heart ' :B


Mind reading

You can read minds

Looove it auhsaushauhs'


romance cutie!

every group of girls needs a romantic chick, and ur the one! no one can deny that u have a soft, dreamy personality tht iz absolutely irrisistable!

Personalidade sonhadora, até que sim.. Irresistivel? Trocaria por irritante. Romantica? No way I am xD


most of the time

You are a very good person, and you know your limits. You know when something is wrong, and you speak your mind often. Though, you also know when not to.


*O* Coooooooookiiiiieee *-*

Chocolate Chip

You are a chocolate chip cookie! A classic delight, you are warm and sweet. You are probably a very happy and excitable person.

Here I am xD


Esse é bom xD


Don't panic. Being a nerd isn't as harsh as the name implies. You are smart and don't hesitate to answer a question. You excel in school and just because you like it doesn't mean you can't/don't have a life. Just remember to relax and have fun too, because your only a kid once.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah I'm Neeerd :3 In fact, o teste não respondeu minhas duvidas aushausha'


You can stand up for yourself, without hurting others

You know how to stand up for yourself, without hurting other peoples feelings. You speak up when you don't like something and are not scared to express your feelings. Keep it up!

yay \ o /

I'm still beeing a chocolate cookie xD


The Drummer

You have great rythym and beat. You spend most of your time hangin with friends and family! You have the best job ever! Rock on

Naaah, nop! Eu toco baaixo, não bateriiia usahsuahsua'


The friend!

You like a guy who isn't afraid to be your friend first and is very social! You know he'll be you'll best friend as well as your boyfriend!

Já disseram isso pra mim O_O estou assustadinha u.u'

outro teste diz:

You're in the comfort zone

Congrats! You have mastered the element of hiding your feelings but, take an extra step every once in a while to show you want to be a little more than friends.

congrats for mee \ o /


You see a bright world

You are a posititive person at heart and don't get discouraged by the chaos. Your motto is "look to the bright side." You see the truth about the world but choose to not get discouraged and in my book that makes you pretty rare.

Huhu. I'm pretty rare aushausha

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