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1 e 2 e critiquei e wwfy lool'

1 - FEliz natal atrasado, Sr. Anonimo *-*

2 - o que uma garota faz quando está entendiada? Testes do quizila \ o /

Teste 1 - qual meu super poder? :

You have incredible powers. You find out your enemies weakness and you make them suffer for it. You use your mind when it comes to fighting which makes you unique, and it makes you gifted because telepathy is quite the unique type of power!

Teste 2 - What Do People Stereotype You As?

Sporty Chick

Woah, chicka, athletic much? You're totally fit, and in-shape. You are stubborn and will take on anything in your path. You're outgoing attitude will get you far and life. Haters just make you stronger, and you most likley are radiating strength in waves. (Hum... acho que não hein xD )

Teste [s]aleatório[/s] 3 - What will your wedding be like :

Ever the dark one in the group, your wedding will be dark, gothic, and unconventional. There will be no wedding cliches, like conga lines, although you might smash cake in your husband's/wife's face, minus the annoying giggling. [Hey, how many chances do you get to smash food into someone's face and have them just laugh it off?] Yor theme colors will be red and black, and your wedding will most likely be at night.You might even have it on Halloween. [Although how someone can give up one year of Hallaween, I will never know.] Maybe even in a cemetary. You will play songs by groups like Evanescence and The Creepshow. [Really great band that bases all of their songs off of horror movies! =D] Your 'romantic' song will be Zombies Ate Her Brain by The Creepshow.
(jogar bolo um no outro? NECESSARIO!!! Já virou clichê de festa de mayara XD E essa musica tema ta mais pro casamento da Bah do que pro meu xD Pensemos assim, a parte do bolo está certa :D E seria legal me casar de vermelho xD)

Teste [s]aleatório [/s] 4 - Who Would Fall for You? The Vampire, Demon,Neko, or the Werewolf

(... OOkay, a resposta do teste fooi:)
(uma imagem de uma garotinha sorridente... sou eu lol)

Srry but you have not met the guys yet so in your face but you'll met them in quiz 2 so dont kill me


Who Would Fall for You The Vampire, Demon,Neko, or the Werewolf 2

(Yaay, eu acheei huhu.)

result image

aww you got my favorite of the boys the cutie Dylan he like's you and he didn't mean to laugh at u when u fell flat on your face (Dylan:Kat what are you telling them! let me see *trying to see what I'm typing*) never!

(Ooown *-* Vou colocar o quiz aqui pra vocês verem meu Dylan :B
OMFG, mitch é lindo... cara... todos esses ai são lindos *o*)

wwfy 3 :

Aww you got the cut little neko and yes he likes you and like the others didn't expect his ex to show up no worries he don't hate her none of the guy's hate their ex girlfreind's if they did they would be haters lolz (Dylan: hey Kat wat u doin?) nothing at all (Sophia: Kat there u are and hey Dylan *smiles at Dylan*) ah young crush *pushes Sophia ontop of Dylan so they end up kissing* MWHAHA *cough cough* that was fun *starts dancing to Britney Spears - Piece Of Me with Dylan plushie and L while eating cake*

wwfy 4 :

he likes you and yea he was embaressed when Vanessa told you that you would have to marry one of them ah I want tea now *drinks tea with L from Death Note* so how is the Kira case L? (L: same old *sips tea*) Oh me know who Kira is he is Light ImAGay lolz (Dylan: hey Kat what's L doing here? O-o) oh we just having tea want some? (Dylan:sure *grabs chair and drinks tea*) ah old chaps I think I might go to Walmart later wanna come? (Dylan and L: sure *we get into my car and drive to walmart*) *two hours later in jail* aww great I knew we shouldn't have had Dylan running around with underwear on his head after eating 10 bars of chocalate well whatever *calls mom* (Mom: hey Kat what is it?) mom I'm in jail (Mom:what I knew you would wind up in there evantually but really well whatever I'll bail you out) thank you mommy *two hours later free from jail* freedom! yay! *hugging Dylan plushie* (Dylan and L: no more chocalate) agreed! *dancing with Britney Spears* (Britney: what the hell am I doing here?) nothing just dancing (Britney: oh wells *continues dancing*) I do not own Britney Spears or L but I do own Dylan and my cellphone

wwfy 5 :

you get the adorable sugar addicted neko his favorite type of candy is lolipops he is pretty smart yet he acts all cute and he is the little prankster of the guys he like the others was freaked out when Vanessa went psycho and he really wanted some of that chocalate cake and he is happy that you didn't get hurt (Dylan:Kat I wanta go to the mall) sure thing *we get into the car and drive to the mall* lalala the mall is so big *runs around mall with Dylan like five year olds* let's prank people (Dylan:yep) *two hours in jail for the second time* (pikachu:what you in here for?) umm we kinda blew up the mall during a prank -_-' it was Dylan's fault though! (Dylan:no it wasn't you were the one who misplaced the red wire!) whatever let's call someone to bail us out *calls Sophia* (Sophia:hello?) yea hey Sophy me and Dylan are in jail *two seconds later were out of jail (Sophia:why is Pikachu from Pokemon here? O-o) I really have no clue O-o

wwfy 6:

(OMG, I got addicted to this...and i'm writting in english o.O Weel... btw, It's funny *o* And I wanna a Dylan Plush for meee YoY)

Ok... Parei de fazer o teste prq a kazumi me mandou um blog... Assim... Estavam zoando os personagens de soul eater... Tudo bem, eu concordo que a maka copiou o shinigami-chop mas... Pracisava escrever com "uma linguagem tão chula u.ú", como disse a kazumi asuahsuahsau

Dai eu vou divulgar o blog aqui... A postagem e o meu coment... Sei que o blog vai acabar é mais famoso, mas tanto faz XD

bye bye, louça me chama...

Depois termino os wwfy loool'

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  1. Confesso que vi seu perfil e vim ver seus blogs, rs. Sim, particulamente, gostei deles sim ^^ Dei uma olhadinha, e soube que, provavelmente, vc teria postado sobre seu coment e resolvi procurar ^^

    Bem, eu não entendi isso: "Sei que o blog vai acabar é mais famoso, mas tanto faz XD"
    O que quis dizer? /soun00b